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5 Lesser-Known Benefits of Lead Generation Software

Most professionals understand that lead generation software is valuable for finding new leads to help grow the business. But there are a few advantages of using this software that most people overlook. These benefits may be understated, but they will help you broaden your sales efforts, improve the efficiency of your operation, and connect with more people interested in your offering.

1. Scalability

The right lead generation software not only allows a sales team to do a more effective job of executing their prospecting strategy, but it also allows for the expansion of this strategy to include more sales reps and more leads. Instead of having each sales rep find leads in their own way, you can use lead generation software to implement a defined strategy that can be steadily expanded as your business and sales team grow.

2. Connecting multiple layers of your sales stack

Today’s sales and marketing professionals have several different tools at their disposal. From e-mail management software to CRM platforms to marketing automation tools, organizing and using all of these programs together can be a time-consuming task. A good lead generation software tool connects these different layers through seamless integration. For example, using a lead generation tool that automatically imports data into your CRM can drastically cut down on the time you have to spend updating and managing CRM records.

3. Improving the accuracy of existing data

The best lead generation tools not only provide data on new leads but also allow you to confirm the accuracy of your current records. Cleaning your data efficiently means you’ll get more from your existing leads and every new lead you generate in the future. It also means less time spent trying to track down updated contact information for your leads. Research by Sirius Decisions shows that if you don’t update your existing CRM records, it could cost you as much as $100 per record.

4. Accessing a larger audience

It’s very easy for sales reps and executives to get stuck targeting the same group of people with their lead generation campaigns for no reason other than it being the way they’ve always done things. In many cases, there are lots of potential customers in industries that you might not have even considered. A great lead generation software tool helps you identify these verticals, break into them quickly, and effectively target your marketing message to them.

5. Freeing up time to focus on relationship building

In today’s world of analytics, automation, and big data, it’s easy for sales reps and marketers to forget about the most crucial element of selling: building a mutually valuable relationship with customers. Spending excessive time on things like CRM management, scheduling emails, and plotting customer data often makes sales reps lose sight of the fact that they are selling to actual people. With tools like lead generation software handling more analytical, data-driven tasks, sales professionals can spend more time thinking about how to help their customers overcome their challenges and problems.

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