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Video 1: Basic Search
  • Introduction to the search features to the YesData Email Database.
  • Search options by Company Name, Website, Contact Name, Email, Title, Job Function Level, Location, Industry, Employee Size, Revenue, Phone, LinkedIn Profile URL, and Job Function.
  • When making selections don’t forget to hit the enter button after entering your selection/value.
Video 2: Intermediate Search
  • Perform your desired initial search and then further target your leads with additional filters that group and count leads by titles and Departments. View 75-1000 contacts on any page view.
  • Use pagination and or sort functionality to view different contacts and or companies in your search results.
  • Create saved queries that you can open or edit later.
Video 3: Advanced Search
  • Entering multiple values in a search field. You don’t have to type 100 company names if that is your search criteria.
  • To load multiple companies, titles, city names etc into our search platform separate the values by a comma. i.e. Amazon,American Express,JP Morgan System limit is 250 values
Video 4: Purchasing Data
  • Search, select and download your data in seconds.
  • Add contacts into the Cart, delete Contacts from your cart and clear all contacts in the cart, or omit all previously purchased contacts.
  • When purchasing data choose 1 – 3 formats for the exported data.
  • All output contacts are in a CSV format.
Video 5: Bulk Clean Basics
  • Define your bulk clean settings, import the data that you want appended with contact and company data, map your fields to our fields and click finish.
  • View your results in the Bulk Clean Summary Report.
  • Purchase appended data and have it delivered in seconds.

Why YesData

YesData is the vision of business database pioneers with over 25 years of experience. Because marketing and lead automation are integral parts of an organization’s sales success, YesData’s technology lives and functions within the enterprise automation stack.