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Boost sales and sell faster with verified B2B leads.

Find new leads and update your existing CRM with verified data.

Fuel your lead generation program with verified data on more than 3 million companies and 36 million contacts.

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It’s not enough to have more leads – you also need better leads.

YesData is a world class business database that delivers B2B sales leads into your CRM with more than 3 million companies with 36 million contacts, email addresses and full company profiles.

With YesData, you can find thousands of new leads within seconds and take action right away. Use filters like company name, job title location industry and LinkedIn profile and seamlessly import your targeted leads into your CRM.

YesData enables you to append and enhance your existing data quickly with one click. You can clean contacts individually or in bulk ensuring your customer data is always complete and up-to-date.

Find New Leads

Your business needs new customers to grow, and it’s your job to find them. But, if you keep contacting the same lists in your CRM, you may be wasting your time reaching out to the same uninterested people over and over. To meet your quota for new customers, you need a new pool of qualified leads to reach out to, and you need to keep that data clean.

That’s where YesData comes in.

Our leads software gives you access to a pool of 36 million verified, updated contacts instantly. Our data quality specialists continuously update these contacts to ensure all information is accurate and ready for you and your teams to use. We’re also adding new contacts daily so you never run out of new leads.

Instead of spending time searching for the right contact and then manually entering their name and contact info into your CRM, you can spend your time selling. 

YesData will allow you to:

  • Research company profiles
  • Identify executives by title
  • Target new prospects by industry
  • Discover new consumer and business leads
  • Streamline your sales process
Clean Your Data

YesData automatically identifies incorrect or missing data in your CRM or other customer/prospect database and fixes it fast.

Save money and time – and increase profits – with YesData’s automatic and hyper-accurate data hygiene platform. 

With YesData, you can:

  • Update old phone numbers and email addresses automatically 
  • Quickly verify new contact information 
  • Streamline your sales process
Append Your Data

YesData offers the ability to append missing customer/prospect information in your CRM including:

  • Email address
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • SIC Code
  • Phone #

Better leads = faster growth

See how YesData delivers faster and better leads!

Make selling efficient

Get instant access to new customers and prospects. Selling becomes simple. Target new leads and prospects instantly using the YesData’s sales automation. Instead of spending time searching for the right contact and then manually entering them into your CRM, you can spend your time selling. YesData will transform the way your sales team sells.

  • Research Company Profiles
  • Identify Key Executives by Title
  • Target New Customers by Industry

Our highly accurate data sets YesData apart. Fuel your lead generation program with data on more that 3 million companies with 36 million contacts.

Clean data is valuable data

The value of leads database hinges on accuracy. It doesn’t matters how many leads, you have inaccurate, won’t be usable. Thankfully, YesData’s database provides you with data quality and quantity.

Lead Generation

Instant access to accurate contacts

36 million contact database

Append your old contacts with new information.


Social Media

Build custom databases from LinkedIn profiles

Increase number of LinkedIn connections

Increase profile views

The Power of Automation

Download your leads in seconds

Visit hundreds of profiles per day

Builds leads & social media connections


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Why YesData

YesData is the vision of business database pioneers with over 25 years of experience. Our automated lead generation solutions use unique social media data to deliver the exact sales leads you need directly to your CRM. This includes more than 3 million companies and 36 million B2B leads, complete with email addresses and full company profiles.