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4 Foolproof Strategies That Instantly Generate Quality Sales Leads

Leads are the cornerstone of any successful sales process. If you don’t have enough quality sales leads coming to the top of your funnel, you’ll never be able to hit your sales or revenue goals. Adopting any or all of the following strategies is a great way to find people who would be an excellent fit for your offer.

1. Create a referral campaign

It’s human nature for people to associate with similar people. If you have a well-defined buyer persona – a senior-level marketing manager, for example – your clients likely know others similar to themselves. Consider creating a campaign asking current clients to put you in touch with these people. Remember to offer a reward to make it worth your customers’ time: a monthly discount, a gift card, or access to new features are all great examples of referral rewards that won’t break the bank.

2. Align your sales content with prospects’ needs

Someone who just started looking for a car has vastly different needs than someone deciding between a Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry. One prospect is much further along in the buyer’s journey than the other – just like different prospects in your sales funnel are at different stages of buying.

This strategy is also called segmentation – dividing your customers based on where they are in the sales cycle and tailoring your messaging to that stage. When one prospect might need a white paper to learn more about the offering (effectively top of the funnel), another prospect might be ready for a demo or free trial (middle or bottom of the funnel). Stay sensitive to these differences, and you’ll get more targeted leads and improve your ability to turn those leads into customers.

3. Score your leads

If you already have a high volume of leads coming into your sales cycle, but you aren’t sure how to tell which ones are the best quality, lead scoring is an excellent solution. Lead scoring assigns a point value to each of your sales leads based on factors like:

  • Company size
  • Prospect title
  • Frequency of prospect interaction
  • Brand recognition

4. Experiment with new channels

Take a hard look at your sales activity and think about which prospecting channels you use the most. Now consider whether or not you could reach more qualified sales leads by looking in new places.

For example – have you been doing lots of prospecting on LinkedIn? Try giving Facebook or Twitter a try. If you’ve mostly been doing cold email outreach, consider trying a direct mail campaign. While you may find that your existing channels are the most valuable, you could uncover a rich source of new business leads that you never knew existed.

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