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Did You Know - Searching by Group

Hey, how are you doing? I hope you’re having a great day. So I love LinkedIn for helping people find leads and prospects. But how do you find things that are not readily available or searchable through existing filters on LinkedIn? So let’s get right to it. Within LinkedIn, there are groups. And those groups can have a tremendous amount of selectivity in terms of the types of groups that there are. So, let’s say for today, I’m interested in people that are Salesforce users. So take a look at my screen. We’re going to type in the word Salesforce. There’s no selection on LinkedIn really for Salesforce users. There’s a little filter on accounts, but it’s terrible, to be honest. So we looked up Salesforce. Now, we’re going to put in groups. We’re going to select groups right there. And we’re going to look at this. This is a list of users. There’s 96,000 worldwide. Here’s another one: 47,000, another one: 53,000. So, pick your group. If you’re interested in Salesforce users, pick the right group. And then we’re going to take this to Sales Navigator, and we’re going to view all filters here. And within view all filters, we’re going to go to the bottom. And we’re going to select groups. And we’re going to put in And again, there’s different groups. And you have to join those groups to get access to all of them. But, I’ve joined, and there’s 87,000 users. And so now I have people that have joined and are users. What else do I need to know? So let’s say that I want to do that, but I need it in certain companies. So I’m going to say 11-50. And that’s enough for now. And let’s say that I want somebody that’s in IT. So I’m going to go here and find function. Select this and information technology. So we have built a set of filters that really aren’t intended in this way because LinkedIn doesn’t identify the type of technology somebody is using. But, if you’re in a Salesforce group, there’s a good chance you’re interested in Salesforce. And there’s a really good chance you’re a user of the Salesforce platform – the CRM system. So hit search, and let’s look at the results. So when you look at the results, you might see things you don’t like. But as you go through the list, you can edit those out. So, for instance, let’s say you don’t want consultants. So you can put in the word consultants and press enter. And then go back down to it and hover over it. And that will get rid of all the people that have consultant in their title. Long story short, I have two thousand people. They are all involved in Salesforce. A couple cautionary tales here. They could have been involved in Salesforce previously, and it doesn’t have to be a current interest. It could be a past interest. But for the most part, they were at one point very interested in Salesforce – enough to join a group. So what do you do with that information?

Now I’ve got you to a place, I hope, where you’re finding filters and access to data on LinkedIn that maybe you didn’t see before. But how do you leverage that? And the answer is we have built a piece of software – it’s called Inchworm Inchworm. It allows you to automate tasks and things that you would normally do on LinkedIn. So let’s see how that might work. So if I think that the people I want to do business with are these 2000 people, I click into Autolink, which is the collecting and visiting module of Inchworm. And I create a list. And I want to do that quickly. I’ll create a new list, and we’re going to call it Salesforce or just SF. So we’ll save some typing here and create the list and close it. And then I hit collect. And boom, I’ve started to collect the contacts. And all the people from page one to page two to page three to page four. It takes a little while. Not a little bit for this, just it probably takes about an hour to collect 2,000 contacts. You just basically hired an extremely cheap virtual assistant/Chrome extension called Inchworm – costs $25 a month. So it’s just paid for itself in a very short period of time by collecting those 1,000 or 2,000 names. And so what do you do next? And the answer is one of the powers of LinkedIn is if you visit a lot of people, eight percent or so will visit you back. So let’s go visit them. Press visit within the Autolink module. And here you go. Hit visit and start. And I’m going to make this not 250 because I don’t need to visit 250 right now. But we’ll visit twenty, and off we go. It starts to visit one at a time. The value of that is seen here. If you go into regular Salesforce and go to home and who’s viewed your profile, you’ll see all of the people that you visit and have visited you back. So if I visit 250 people today, I should have 20 people visiting me back within the next couple days. And all of those people should be from the group of users. Hope you’re having a great day. Hope this helps you in your marketing efforts. If you want to get in touch with us, please reach us at