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Did You Know - Searching by Connection

Hey, hope you’re having a great day. I write a quick blog post every now and then that has to do with Sales Navigator. It’s called Did You Know. So let’s get right to it. Did you know that you should and can leverage the power of all the connections you’ve had over the years on LinkedIn? So you go to a conference. You meet somebody. And little by little you connect with them and you add them to your Linkedin network. And that network grows over time. And there’s some really fabulous connections that you’ve made. And to be honest, you’ve probably forgot about some of them. So you met somebody. They might be a perfect person for your product or service. They might really really need what you’re trying to sell. And yet you don’t communicate with them because LinkedIn doesn’t really help you once you’ve made the connection. Those connections sort of sit there dormant. Anyway, let’s take a quick look. Let’s get right to it. And let me show you how you can leverage those connections and find out if they are in fact interested in your product or service. So let’s take a look.

We’re going to do a quick search. You click into relationships on the screen here and you select 1st degree. And then you come up with a list of everybody you’re connected with. And I’m going to limit my search to everybody that I am connected with that is in the United States. You can add more filters than that, but that’s a simple one to add. And now I have these results. So what do you do there? You have 1000 results of people. And I hate to say it, but who cares? And the answer is you can care if you can figure out how to filter out the right ones and the wrong ones and then send them a message or talk to them. So that’s where Inchworm comes in. Inchworm is a Chrome automation tool that integrates with Sales Navigator and will help you collect and message those existing people. So the first thing you do is you click into message, which is one of the three modules. And you’re going to create a list. And we’ll call it my connections. And hit create list. And then close it and hit collect. Yes, I hate to say it. It is that simple. You’re now collecting everybody you’re connected with. We’re just going to do one page because there’s no reason to collect 1000 people right now. So we’ll let this go through the page. And when we’re done we’ll be left with the first name, last name, company, and a bunch of other information about each one of your connections. The most valuable thing about being connected with somebody on LinkedIn is that you can send them a message. Not only can you send them a message but LinkedIn will help deliver that message and will let that person know that you’ve sent them a message. And they do it in two ways. One, they put a little dot up here under your messaging. And two, they send you an email and say, “Hey, Adam sent you a message today, And would you like to view it?” So they help you deliver that message, which is really nice of them and really valuable. But it’s up to you to write that message. So I’ll move quickly through these screens. But you’ve just collected all of this information, and now you’re going to create a template. And your template can say anything it wants. But you have a message. Whatever that message is you’re going to put in here. You need a subject line and then the contents of your message you’ll type it into here. You can have links and Youtube videos and all kinds of things like that that will help you transmit the proper message to the right people. So when you want to send messages, the best thing to do is to personalize your messages, especially if you’re messaging existing connections. So let’s take a quick look at how to do that. You go into your message template, and within the message template, you type in your message. And in the body of that message – anywhere in the message but certainly in the beginning – you’re going to say something like “Hi” with a space. And then you go over here to these merged fields and copy that. Or you can type it out if you’d like. And paste it into there. And now you have a personalized message sending to your connections. And as it goes through your list of connections, it will say the name. It will say “Hi, Adam. Hi, Anne. Hi, Sally.” And you can make it hi, or bye, or merry Christmas, or happy new year, or anything else in between. If everybody – that 1000 people on your list – are not quite the right people, you click into view collected. And you can go through here and you can get rid of the people that you don’t want or that you’d like to exclude. So you can either exclude them or you can delete them, either one. Move to exclude or delete. And that means they will not ever receive that message. So it could be a college buddy or a college friend, or you name it.

There’s a lot of different ways you can meet people. Or they may just have no interest in what it is that you do. And you may be embarrassed to send a message to somebody that isn’t relevant at all. And you want to be relevant. So you’ll get rid of a bunch of people. And here you go. You have your list. And then you hit send. And boom, you’ve just sent to those folks. We have a limit – Inchworm has a limit – of 15 messages a day to your existing connections. But you can send 50 a day. And if you have 1000 people like I have on my list then in a very short period of time you will have sent your message to everybody. You will be amazed at the amount of people that respond to you. I would say 20 to 25 messages, you will get three to four responses. And it’s a really valuable asset to have. So I hope you find value in this tool. Did you know on Linkedin and Inchworm. It’s a $25 – basically it’s like having a virtual assistant for the entire month for $25. And if you have any questions, you can reach us at Have a great day and thank you.