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How Does a Data Solution Integrate into a CRM?

While a data solution that provides your sales and marketing teams with new leads is valuable, it’s also critical to effectively integrate new data into your current CRM platform. If you can’t manage the records you purchase or collect, it’s difficult to maximize your return on investment from sales data.

With data solutions like YesData, you don’t need a special team or database manager to seamlessly add and clean contact data in your existing CRM. These tasks can be handled quickly and easily, saving you time and frustration.

The top sales and lead generation data providers offer seamless integration with popular CRM tools. YesData allows you to search for, import, and clean your existing records without having to leave your native CRM interface.

Searching for Leads in Your CRM

YesData makes it easy to find the specific types of leads you are searching for and seamlessly import them into your CRM. You can find contacts based on their company name, title, http, revenue, employee, company size, and location, among other criteria. Below is an example of how the platform appears when searching for data.

You can search for qualified contacts by title and http or contacts within a specific company. Once you have input your criteria and searched, the next step is deciding which records you’d like to import into your CRM.

Downloading Data Directly to Your CRM

After you’ve performed a search for the records you are interested in and selected the ones you want, the next step is importing this data into your CRM. YesData allows you to decide which specific records you wish to import based on your selected criteria.

By setting your import criteria, you can avoid downloading entries that you already have in your database. Once you select your import parameters and confirm the download, your new records are immediately populated into your CRM’s contacts, as if you had added them manually.

Cleaning Contact Records in Your CRM

Top-tier solutions with the right sales prospecting tools will add new data into your CRM and clean existing records in your database. Clean data is the holy grail for any CRM.  Considering that inaccurate data can cost your company nearly one-third of its annual revenue, it’s vital to keep your records accurate – your data solution should make this step easy.

YesData’s bulk cleaning solution allows users to clean a large number of records at once with a high degree of customization. You can set the type of information that you want to be cleaned or appended. So if you only want to update email addresses or phone numbers, you can create those cleaning parameters by telling YesData which fields to overwrite.

You can also get a good sense of the overall health of your data using the Clean Metrics and Analytics function. This screen shows you how many contacts were processed, how many were matched with YesData’s database, and how many were updated after the clean.

CRM Integration: More Sales, Faster

The data you purchase or collect is only as effective as your ability to use it. You shouldn’t spend an excessive amount of time managing your records or manually importing them into your CRM. With a solution that smoothly integrates with Salesforce and other CRM platforms, you can ensure your data is up-to-date, accurate, and ready for your sales and marketing teams to harness for success in their business development efforts.

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