5 Warning Signs Your Purchased Email List is Not Performing

It’s always important to ensure your email list adds value to your business, but it’s especially critical when you pay for an email list. If you don’t, you risk investing in a marketing asset that doesn’t bring you a sufficient return. Not sure if you’re getting the most out of a purchased email list you’ve […]

6 Steps to Integrating a Customer Contact Database & B2B CRM

Even if your business has a large database filled with quality leads and happy customers, you won’t maximize their value if you don’t manage them correctly. Here are the top steps to improve customer contact management by integrating your database with a B2B CRM. 1) Start with clean data Remember: garbage in, garbage out. Before […]

5 Lesser-Known Benefits of Lead Generation Software

Most professionals understand that lead generation software is valuable for finding new leads to help grow the business. But there are a few advantages of using this software that most people overlook. These benefits may be understated, but they will help you broaden your sales efforts, improve the efficiency of your operation, and connect with […]

3 Fundamental Strategies to Find New Leads Online

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created online. This abundance of information makes the Internet a powerful tool for business growth – if you know how to use it. There are three key ideas to remember to efficiently find business leads online. Truly understand your buyer persona Before you can even begin to […]

Bad Data: What No One is Talking About

Many people know that having an inaccurate or outdated database will cost you time and reputation – nearly a third of all companies who had problems delivering emails say that their customer service suffered from it. But there’s a more sinister issue involving bad data that fewer businesses understand: the loss in marketing productivity from […]

5 Sources of Targeted Email Leads

With a low barrier to entry and potential ROI of over 4,000 percent, email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to nurture sales leads down the buying funnel. But many email marketers struggle with the same problem: how do I ensure that my emails are targeted to people who will actually read […]

5 Real Life Email List Cleaning Lessons

There’s plenty of information out there on email marketing, but how valuable is it if your list is full of outdated email addresses? Not very. An accurate, updated email list is the foundation for successful email campaigns, but it’s not always easy to devote the necessary resources to email list cleaning. Here are five pragmatic […]

How Email Append Services Help You Capture Low-Hanging Fruit

Every company’s most important sales asset is its customer file – a record of current and potential buyers. With a good quality customer database, you can more effectively upsell existing customers and make sure that no prospects fall through the cracks. In reality, most companies struggle to keep their records up to date. Movement is […]

4 Advantages of B2B Prospecting with Automation Tools

Everyone has the same amount of time in their day, but why does it seem like some salespeople and business owners find success at every turn, while others languish in a sea of “we’re not ready to buy yet”? The answer: the way they use their time. The most skilled salespeople understand that they must […]

4 Foolproof Strategies That Instantly Generate Quality Sales Leads

Leads are the cornerstone of any successful sales process. If you don’t have enough quality sales leads coming to the top of your funnel, you’ll never be able to hit your sales or revenue goals. Adopting any or all of the following strategies is a great way to find people who would be an excellent […]