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How Email Append Services Help You Capture Low-Hanging Fruit

Every company’s most important sales asset is its customer file – a record of current and potential buyers. With a good quality customer database, you can more effectively upsell existing customers and make sure that no prospects fall through the cracks.

In reality, most companies struggle to keep their records up to date. Movement is a constant in the business world: people leave their jobs, get transferred, change phone numbers, etc. Sales reps are too busy to update these records, but you can’t just let your data get old and inaccurate.

That’s where append services come in. With help from a capable provider offering accurate contact data and sales prospecting tools relevant to your target industries, you can claim easy wins using the information you already have.

Applications of Email Append Services for Sales Teams

Append services aren’t only for old customer data that hasn’t been updated in months. Append services can also help you fill out contact records created by simple prospecting activities.

For example, did you know that you can export all of your LinkedIn contacts into a spreadsheet that contains a person’s name, email address, and phone number (if listed)? It’s a valuable tool for sales, but what happens if some of your contacts don’t have the information you need to get in touch?

Email append (or data append) comes to the rescue.

Other applications of email append services include:

  • Prospects whose visits to your site are tracked – this can provide you with an IP address and a company domain, but not a specific email address
  • Visitors who fill out a form but use inaccurate information or leave out important contact details
  • Cleaning up a list that has been acquired from another company or service through a merger, acquisition, etc.

Considerations for Choosing an Email Append Service Provider

All of these examples can help you improve the quality of your B2B prospecting data without intensive work on your part. But if you want to have success going after the low-hanging fruit, you’ll want to select a dependable vendor for email append services.

A few things to look for in an email append provider:

  • They should have a record of satisfied customers who have used their service in the past. Check neutral review sites or ask people in your network who have experience with data append companies for their recommendation.
  • They should be transparent with you about their accuracy. Ask them what their margin for error is and think about whether it makes sense. Top data providers should be around 90% accurate on phone numbers and email addresses.
  • They should be confident enough in the data to provide you with a sample. If they don’t let you see even a few records before taking your money, you should seriously consider whether they are the right provider.

If you’re looking for a source of email append services with years of experience in the sales prospecting realm, YesData is the company for you. You can get started with 100 free data appends by clicking here!


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